Friday, May 14, 2010

What's the control, constant, and variables in my experiment?

I need to know the independent variable, dependent variable, control, and constant for my experiment where I put different brands of paper towels into a beaker and see which one absorbs the most water. Thank you for the help!!~~~What's the control, constant, and variables in my experiment?
The dependent variable is the ';result'; of the experiment. In other words how much water is absorbed for paper towel A.

Therefore, the independent variable is the paper towel being used to absorb the water.

If you plot the results ';paper towels'; would be on the x-axis and ';wt of water'; would be the y-axis.

The control would be an absorbing material againsty which you could judge the efficiecy of the paper towels you are testing. This could be sand (I guess all paper towels would do better), Kleenex tissues, etc\\

The constant would be something you need to keep control off (maintain at a constant level). That could be temperature of the water. Let's say that you didn't use water that was at 75F for all the tests. It could be argued that any differences you saw in watyer absorbancy was caused by the difference in water temperature. Probably not a serious problem but it illustrates the point.

Hope this helps

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