Friday, May 14, 2010

What is the manipulated, controlled, and responding variable?

i need to find out what the manipulated, controlled, and and responding variable isWhat is the manipulated, controlled, and responding variable?
* Controlled remains fixed.

* Manipulated is what you changed and recorded.

* Responding is the resulting effect which you also record.

For example:

* Control group is the one that will receive the placebo, or will not be changed at all.

* Manipulated is the group that is given the medicine being tested, or changing the ';weight'; of the object from 5 to 10 to test the result, or changing the ';time'; plants are exposed to light from 8 hours to 24 hours, etc.

* Responding is the factor that changes ';in response'; to what you manipulated. So if you gave medicine (manipulated) to apnea patients, the ';amount'; or ';quality of sleep'; that changed (responding). [the ';control'; group would either receive no medicine or might receive a placebo.]

Or if you exposed a plant to different ';hours of light'; (manipulated) then the ';height'; of the plant (responding) might show the difference in effect, etc. [the ';control'; group would receive 8 hours of light instead of 24]What is the manipulated, controlled, and responding variable?
Your controlled is the thing you don't change for however many experiments you are doing. Your manipulated is the thing changed in each of the experiments, such as amount of water for plants. Your responding variable is what changed because you (referring back to the water example) only gave minimal water to one plant and it didn't grow while you gave a lot of water to the second plant and it grew a lot. So in this example, your responding would be the growth.

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